Best Electric Scooter 2023 – R3

Circooter R3 electric scooter

The 800W R3 Scooter is visually one of the most attractive off-road e-scooters on our list of the best. Comfort, safety, customization, and reliability highlight the R3 scooter’s appealing build. This smooth ride features a powerful rear 800-watt motor and  10-inch solid off-road tires,  from a maximum speed of 28 mph to 15Ah battery, it is our best electric scooter for the all-terrain adult electric scooter set.


Comparison of  M2 and R3 model


M2 electric scooter

R3 electric scooter

Battery Capacity

48V 12.5Ah

48V 15Ah

Powerful Motor

800 W

800 W

Top Speed

28 MPH / 45 KM/H

28 MPH / 45 KM/H

Max. Range

22 Miles / 35 KM

25 Miles / 40 KM

Max. Hill Climbing

25% Grade

30% Grade

Maximum Load

440 LB / 200 KG

440 LB / 200 KG

Circooter APP Support

iOS & Android.

iOS & Android.

Tire Type

10 inches Off Road Solid Tires

10 inches Off Road Solid Tires

Charging Time

5-6 H with one charger

7-8 H with one charger,
3-4H with two chargers


Front & Rear Double Hydraulic Shock Absorption

Front & Rear Hydraulic and independent Shock Absorption


Long Range and High Performance

Equipped with a 15AH battery and returning a handsome 25-mile peak range on a single charge. The sporty design of the ultra-high-strength aluminum alloy frame and the stylish exterior give us a particularly impression.

Powerful motor and exciting speed

The powerful 800W hub motor provides dynamic acceleration and packs enough power to crawl a 30% grade with ease. R3 electric scooter offers up three distinct and functional ride modes to afford peak performance in a multitude of riding conditions.  Drive mode provides smooth cruising around town, ECO mode parses back performance to increase range, and sport mode is looking for thrills on hills.

Quick Charge

The outstanding feature compared to others is that this scooter boasts a unique and useful dual charging capability. While other scooters make a nine-to-five job out of charging, the R3 removes the hassle of waiting to ride by utilizing two charger ports to cut charge time down to a brisk three to four hours.

All-Terrain Comfort and Performance

Equipped with flat-resistant and rugged 10-inch off-road tires, The front and rear dual shock suspension system bear loads up to 440 lbs, so it gives you a balanced and comfortable riding experience. And the scooter with high water resistance can crash through puddles or climb over obstacles. What's more, it weighs in at a manageable 52 lbs, making it one of the more wieldy models in its class.


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