Electric Scooter

    Circooter Smart APP

    Control your adult electric scooter from anywhere with the Circooter APP, or manage the most-used functions:

    such as Lock/unlock, Light on/off, Gears, Start mode (Zero Start or Non-zero Start) and customize it to suit your needs set max speed, cruise control, etc. directly from the intuitive LCD dashboard.

    You can also get a comprehensive understanding of your Circooter electric scooter via full escooter diagnostic and testing, as well as records of your tracked ride functions.

    Circooter electric scooter has several riding modes?

    We are happy to answer your question. You can switch between riding modes or other settings via the quick function button on the left side of the handle. M2 R3 has 3 riding modes — ECO mode, driving, sport mode — as well as switch on/off the light, press the horn, and other operations.

    Circooter off road electric scooter can support up to 440 lbs(200 kg). The scooter can support a person weights over 300 lbs(140 kg), however, it may affect the speed and range.

    All of our models have a cruise control option. After turning the option for cruise control on, use the acceleration right thumb for 5 seconds at a constant speed and the cruise control will be enabled.

    Please review your towns local rules and laws as each city, state, and country has its own requirements. We also strongly encourage the use of helmets and safety equipment/gear when riding.

    Although Circooter e scooter is designed to be easy and intuitive for most riders, our current models can reach faster top speeds and should not be used by children. There are three different speed modes to assist with speed control but we strongly suggest having adult supervision for riders under the age of 18.