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iX6 Off Road Electric Scooter 1000W

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  • One Year Warranty
  • fast charging circooter electric scooter
    Motor Capacity
  • long life circooter electric scooter 28Mph
    48V 17.5Ah
    Battery Capacity
  • circooter electric scooter 28Mph
    Top Speed
  • circooter electric scooter long battery life
    28 Miles
    Max Range
  • circooter electric scooter load bearing
    Max Load
  • Fast charging 5~6h circooter electric scooter
    7-9 Hours
    Charging Time
    • Ultimate  Battery [48V 17.5Ah] - A battery with 48V 17.5Ah capacity combined with two 11-inch pneumatic off-road tires achieves the longest range 28 miles/45 km.
    • Quadruple Suspension Design - Dual front and rear suspension make your backcountry riding safer and more comfortable. Ready to enjoy wireless excitement and adventure.
    • Dilated Pneumatic Tires - 11-inch pneumatic off-road tires can withstand multiple punctures without deflation. Provide you with a smooth ride on all-terrain pavements.
    • 3 Ride Modes - Comfort mode: 10km/h, 15km/h, 25km/h, and combined with upgrade Off-road mode: 15km/h, 30km/h, 45km/h. The three modes include eco mode, standard mode, and turbo mode which suit you to give you a better riding experience.
    • Explore More - All-terrain climbing at a 35% grade. The 1000-watt brushless motors provide rapid acceleration to quickly go from stopped to a max speed of 28MPH. The max Load of this iX6 is up to 330 LBS.
    iX6 Escooter
    Maximum Speed:  28 MPH/45 KM/H
    Maximum Range:  28 Miles/45 KM
    Motor Power:  1000W
    Voltage:  48 V
    Max.Charging Voltage:  54.6 V
    Capacity:  17.5 Ah
    Protection level:  IPX4
    Max. Slope:  35%
    Operating Temperature:  14 °F - 104 °F
    Wheel Size:  11 inches Pneumatic Off-road Tires
    Brakes:  Mechanical disc brake + electric brake
    LED Lighting:  Front LED + Rear LED lights
    Speed Modes: 3
    Input Voltage:  110-240 V
    Output Voltage:  54.6 V
    Output Current:  2A
    Charging Time:  7-9 H
    Weight:  57.76lbs (26.2kg)
    Folded Dimensions:  Approx:122*22*57 cm
    Unfolded Dimensions:  Approx:122*63*125 cm
    Rider Maximum Load:  330 lbs(150kg)
    Recommended Age:  16 + Years

    iX6 Off Road Electric Scooter× 1
    Waterproof black scooter bag × 1
    UK Charger × 1
    User manual× 1
    Adjustable wrench and screws tool × 1

    Shipping- Free shipping on all orders to the United Kingdom, 2-3 business days delivery time.
    Return & Refund Guarantee- 30-day return and refund policy & 12 Months Warranty.
    Customer Support- Please email to hello@circooter.co.uk. Our experts will reply within 24 hours.

    iX6 1000W Electric Scooter Unboxing and Assembly Video

    1. How to change the speed to 28mph (45km/h)?

    Switch Off-road mode:

    Short press the M key five times continuously after powering on, and the meter displays 45km/h, indicating that the setting is successful.
    Switch comfort mode:
    After restarting the scooter again, short press the M button five times in a row, and the meter displays 25km/h, indicating that the setting is successful.

    Here is a video of adjusting the speed for your reference:

    (Comfort mode: the speed is 10km/h in 1st gear, 15km/h in 2nd gear, 25km/h in 3rd gear
    Off-road mode: the speed is 15km/h in 1st gear, 30km/h in 2nd gear, 45km/h in 3rd gear)

    2. Two ways to unlock your iX6 electric scooter

    Say goodbye to your keys and unlock the iX6 with 2 user-friendly unlocking methods: NFC card and Password.

    The first way:
    Please put the NFC card below the meter.
    The second way:
    After turning on the scooter, press the power button, and a 0 will appear
    Press it again, and the next 0 appears
    Press again, and the third 0 appears
    For the third 0, press the switch key twice in succession, it will start.

    3. How to set up a password for my iX6 scooter?

    Here are the steps:
    The default password is 000.
    1. Please input 000 to unlock the scooter, then please long-press 5 seconds for both the switch button and the “+” button, it will enter the password setting
    2. You still need to input the default password 000, then press the digital you want to set
    3. When setting every digital password (press + to set the password), you need to also press the switch button to confirm, please press the switch button twice when inputting every digital password
    4. Finished the password, please press the switch button and confirm the password again.

    4. How to install the seat with iX6 Off Road Electric Scooter?

    Here is a video of installing the seat for your reference:

    The iX6 off-road electric scooter has a better battery with an increased 17.5 Ah capacity, a full charge support top ride range of 28 miles/45 km.

    Dual front and rear suspension reinforce the scooter body. The structure uses aircraft-grade magnesium alloy that supports a maximum load of 330 lbs/150 kg.

    The front mechanical disc brake and rear electric brake make a short 1m braking distance. Quicker shutdown and safer riding.

    Our iX6 model with an upgraded 1000 W motor supports a top speed of 45km/h and a climbing ability of 35%.

    The comprehensive lighting system includes a LED front light, cool blue lights on the pedal, and red taillights on the rear fender.

    With 2 user-friendly unlocking methods of NFC card and password. Start your electric scooter faster and safer.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Josephine Murphy
    Better Quality

    I love this ix6 scooter. I bought the ix4 for a family member, and this one for myself. This one is far and away better with the suspension and total range. I love the NFC technology for un/lock+ cruise control option for ease of use.
    It's a bit heavy, but not too heavy. It's more awkward and bulky, but I can still get it in and out of my car.

    Gordon Barden
    Excellent scooter

    The product arrived in a big paper box, it was excellently wrapped. The scooter itself runs great. Have had no problems with throttle, battery, or lights. I am an adventurer to ride it for my trips.

    Mr Dave Irving
    Honestly, items says everything

    It is very comfortable to ride on bumpy roads. Nice smooth front and rear suspension. Long-range battery, much faster, and traction control.

    A Edwards
    Definitely recommend

    It is extremely fun to get my first scooter. So far it's been working great. I've had it for about a month and a half and it hasn't given me any problems. 28 mph max and this is allowed for 100 % of the battery and of course, the distance is close to about 20-28 miles. Recommend!

    Anthony John Smith
    Suitable for heavy riders

    I’m over 200 lbs and I’m pretty sure lighter riders will be fine. This is perfect for what I need to do. And yes it does get up to 28 mph, which is pretty fast. The only con is it's heavy but that shouldn’t be a problem to many.