Buy Circooter Electric Scooters FAQ


We accept PayPal/Klarna right now.

We will pay for shipping on anything.

On the page of the shipping address confirmations, you will see an empty section that allows you to insert your coupon codes which require applying 1 code each time.

If you failed to use the coupon or discount code when payment, please send me the screenshot of an error tip to our mail, we will reply and help you solve it within 24 working hours.

If we don't have stock of the item you bought in the UK local warehouse, we will give priority to shipping from another EU warehouse. Delivery time is 3-7 working days normally. During international shipments, customs duties may be charged in accordance with UK customs policy. You have two solutions as follows:
(1)Please prepay the customs fee when you receive a bill from local customs or carrier, then please send the customs invoice to our mail, and we will refund the cost within 24 working hours.
(2)When you receive the customs invoice, you can also send it to our mail in time, we will refund the fee firstly and then you need to pay the customs bill to receive your package. We recommend the first solution so that you will receive your package faster.


We will send an Order Acknowledgement email in time after you placed an order. Once your item ships, you will receive a Shipment Confirmation email including your order number, the carrier's information, the date and time the order was placed, the status of the order, and package tracking numbers for items that have shipped. Note: If you bought more than one item, we only can send you the tracking number of one of the items you bought in our system. for the tracking number of the remaining package, please consult our mail

In general, orders typically process within 24 working hours and transit time is typically 1-3 days. For more details, please read our Shipping policy.

If the carrier is DHL, please track it on the website:
If the carrier is DPD, please track it on the website:
If the carrier is Hermes, please track it on the website:Yodel:
If the carrier is FedEx, please track it on the website:

Whatever carrier, you can also track it on the universal website:

If the tracking status is not updated and more than two working days (except weekends), please try to confirm with the carrier first, then let us know the result, we will provide an appropriate solution within 24 working hours. If there is no valid tracking number or any historical tracking status for a long time, please contact our customer service to confirm the detail.

The official website will update the tracking status within 24 or 48 working days after you received the information on the tracking number we sent. Please notice it also cannot update on weekends.


If you want to cancel your order or change your address information, please contact us within 24 hours after you pay. If we don't arrange the shipment, we will handle the full refund or adjustment within 2 business days after we know your request. If we arranged it, you still want to cancel the order, a 10% restocking fee will be charged, and the full refund minus the restocking fee will be credited back to your original payment within 2 business days after the package is return to our warehouse.

Maybe the reasons for automatic returns are insufficient to address information, the recipient is not present, no picking up after the timeout, and other unknown reasons.

Whatever the reason, please contact the local carrier to make a second appointment for delivery. If failed, please contact us to give you a further solution.

Any new and unused product purchased from Circooter may be returned for up to 30 days after the original delivery date. Please provide us with some pictures to show the whole status of all items. If your product can meet our return and refund policy, we will send you a return label. Please pack all the items to the original box to arrange the return. If you missed the original paper box, a 5% repacking fee will be charged, the full refund minus the repacking fee will be credited back to your original payment within 2 business days after the package is returned to our warehouse. For the detail, please check our return and refund policy.

If you don't use it and it is nearly 100% news (except shipping damage), please send us some pictures shown the product status to apply a free return label. If the shipping is damaged, you can consider accepting accessories or compensation to fix it well. For other reasons, we will handle it based on a detailed situation. We will arrange a new product within 24 working days after the old return to our warehouse. For the detail, please check our return and refund policy.


1. The warranty of all our products includes a 12-month warranty against original defects in material and workmanship, and it starts the date you physically receive the scooter .

2. Battery, Motor, Controller, Accelerator, Horn/speaker, and Electronic lock has a 6-month warranty from the date the package is delivered to the customer. And Tyres, Brakes/brake grips/brake cables have a 3-month warranty. If the below parts are damaged and exceed warranty, please buy corresponding accessories to replace them on our website.

3. Other product accessories purchased separately don't provide warranty service.

1. Damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, or improper storage that is contrary to the instructions set out in this manual.
2. The water-resistance of the skateboard is IPX4, which is resistant to splashes and dust under normal conditions, but if you ride in a puddle or where the water level is high, or even immerse your skateboard in water, the water is likely to enter the electrical parts and damage the part.
3. No original proof of purchase.
4. Free products.

1. Please try to store the scooter in a cool and dry place between 14℉ and 104℉, and Prolonged Exposure to UV Rays, Rain, and Elements May Damage the Enclosure Materials, Store Indoors When Not in Use.

2. If you see stains on the scooter's body, wipe them off with a damp cloth. Do not clean the scooter with alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, or other corrosive and volatile chemical solvents to prevent dire damage.

3. Please use the original power adapter battery packs. The use of batteries of other models or brands may bring about safety issues.

4. In daily use, try to recharge the scooter after completely exhausting the battery. If the battery level is low, charge it as soon as possible. Please charge the scooter every other month to preserve the battery.


Although the Circooter scooter is designed to be easy and intuitive for most riders, our current models can reach faster top speeds and should not be used by children. There are three different speed modes to assist with speed control but we strongly suggest having adult supervision for riders under the age of 18.

Please review your town's local rules and laws as each city, state, and country has its own requirements. We also strongly encourage the use of helmets and safety equipment/gear when riding.

Yes, although riding in extremely cold/hot temperatures may reduce the battery range. Please notice the scooter range and speed are affected by riding weather, road conditions, load bearing, and other factors.

All of our models have a cruise control option. After turning the option for cruise control on, use the acceleration right thumb for 5 seconds at a constant speed and the cruise control will be enabled.

Our Circooter electric scooter can support up to 440 lbs(200 kg). The scooter can support a person weights over 300 lbs(140 kg), however, it may affect the speed and range.

Turn the scooter on, then press the M button once to change units.

If you see any error code above, Please send the order number and pictures/videos to Circooter Customer Service to solve your detailed issue.

If you have any quality problem, please contact our customer service for help, or search detail issue in YouTube for tutorial video as well. Welcome to our Yotube channel:

For the issue with how to connect to our Circooter App, our product expert provided some tips as follows:
1. How to open the electric scooter Bluetooth?
(1) Turn on the mobile phone's Bluetooth, Circooter App, and mobile phone WiFi to start searching for the matching scooter. If the matching is successful, the Bluetooth logo on the scooter's display will light up;
(2) If the Bluetooth logo does not light up, it means that your connection failed. It may be because the scooter you purchased has already been connected to a mobile phone;
(3) When connecting a new phone, you need to press eight times in succession after turning on the phone. After hearing a beep sound, the factory mode has been restored, and you can try to connect your phone again in the first step. (The video instruction for this step is as follows)

2. How to connect the Circooter App?
Here is an operation video for M2/R3, you can check the end part in the videos.

If you still fail to connect it, please tell me which step you have a problem with.
Please feel free to contact our customer service at