M2 Off Road Electric Scooter coming in 2022

Circooter M2 electric scooter

When to Buy an Off-road Electric Scooter for Daily Use?

There are basically three valid scenarios for buying off-road electric scooters:

  1. You often need to cover some kind of rough terrain (this includes poor road infrastructure)
  2. You enjoy adventure riding in more natural environments, including dirt roads, hiking trails, etc.
  3. You just love powerful, extremely durable scooters that can handle anything

If you fit any of them, the off-road electric scooter will be perfect for you and you won't regret your decision.

Now we highly recommend our newest M2 Off Road Electric Scooter!



Why do you choose M2 Scooter “Off-Road Capable”?

+ Larger battery capacity

+ A 360°Brighter lighting system

+ Powerful 800W brushless hub motor

+ Smart APP controls your scooter easily

+ Excellent Double Hydraulic Shock Absorption

M2 electric scooter's battery systems were built to keep exploring the world, delivering up to 25+ MILES of range, And the powerful motor and off-road tires combination are the most efficient for achieving the longest range.

This M2 scooter for adults is equipped with a 360° lighting system that includes a bright headlight, dual side moonlights, front and rear turn signals, and brake light, ensuring that you can always see and be seen at night for all-around safety.

The 800 Watts rear drive motor provides powerful torque and acceleration, making it the best electric scooter for mountain climbing. Meanwhile, it tackles most terrains and max inclines 25% Grade.

Circooter Smart APP can connect to your phone via Bluetooth and manage the functions of your adult electric scooter. You can also get a comprehensive understanding of your scooter via full e-scooter diagnostic and testing, as well as records of your tracked ride functions.

The M2 scooter is made from ultra-high-strength aluminum alloy and quadruple absorbent systems. The front wheel has dual hydraulic shock absorbers, while the rear has dual thick spring shock absorbers. That combination is an excellent balance and provides you with better overall handling.

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