iX4 Electric Scooter Unboxing and Assembly Video

1. How to change the speed to 28mph (45km/h)?
The steps as follows are to adjust the top speed of the scooter:

1). Open the electric lock
2). Press the power button to turn on the scooter
3). Press and hold Power and horn buttons for 5-8 seconds to enter the mode setting interface
4). Press the horn button and the display reads P30(low-speed mode), press M to switch to P31(high-speed mode), and press S to return to P30(low-speed mode)
5). Press the power button to save the settings to high-speed mode: 15 km/h, 30 km/h, 45 km/h.

Attached is the video for your reference.

Note: After the mode is set, wait about 5 seconds and the mode setting will be saved automatically and it will exit the interface.