iX5 Description

  • Ultimate  Battery [48V 15Ah] - iScooter iX5 electric scooter is equipped with a 48V 15Ah battery pack and 1000W brushless DC motor. The powerful motor and off-road tires combination are the most efficient for achieving the longest range.
  • 6 Spring Shock Absorbers - Front four spring shock absorbers combined with the rear two ones give you the most comfortable and smooth riding experience. Ready to ride safely on rough roads, Enjoy wireless excitement and adventure.
  • Upgraded Pneumatic Tires - 10-inch pneumatic off-road tires have better shock absorption and can withstand multiple punctures without deflation. Provide you with a smooth ride on all-terrain pavements.
  • 3 Ride Modes - Comfort mode: 10km/h, 15km/h, 25km/h, and combined with upgrade Off-road mode: 15km/h, 30km/h, 45km/h. Choose the mode that suits you to give you a better riding experience.
  • Explore More - All-terrain climbing at a 30% grade. The 1000-watt brushless motors provide rapid acceleration to quickly go from stopped to a max speed of 28MPH. The max Load of this iX5 is up to 330 LBS.