Series M SPE

M2 Escooter
Maximum Speed:  28MPH/45 KM/H
Maximum Range:  25-31 Miles/40-50 KM
Motor Power:  Rated Power 1000W
Voltage:  48 V
Max.Charging Voltage:  54.6 V
Capacity:  12.5 Ah
Protection level:  IPX4
Max. Slope:  25%
Operating Temperature:  14 °F - 104 °F
Wheel Size:  10 inches Tubeless Tires
Brakes:  Front and rear disc brake + EABS electronic brake
LED Lighting:  Headlight and Side lights, Turn Signals and Brake light
Speed Modes: 4 (Sport/Drive/ECO/Walk Mode)
The unlock top speed is 45km/h
Input Voltage:  110-240 V
Output Voltage:  54.6 V
Output Current:  2A
Charging Time:  5-6 H
Weight:  55.7 lbs/25.3 kg
Folded Dimensions:  Approx:47*8*19 IN / 120*20*50 CM
Unfolded Dimensions:  Approx:47*23*50 IN / 129*60*128 CM
Rider Maximum Load:  440 lbs(200kg)
Recommended Age:  16 + Years